Frequently Asked Questions – Our Clinic

Is this covered by my insurance?

Besides co-pays or deductibles, our services are usually covered.

Can I see if I have apnea without seeing a doctor?

We have a short online quiz so you can find out more information.

What kind of physician will I see?

You will see Dr. Nitun Verma, a sleep medicine specialist. He trained at Stanford University in the treatment of adult and pediatric sleep medicine. It is always critical for you to see a sleep medicine physician when you have a sleep question or concern, because physicians not trained in sleep may not have all the information to help you. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of sleep physicians, so many people are left untreated.

What do I do to see you?

It depends on your insurance type. If you are able to make specialist visits on your own, call our office to make an appointment. If you need a referral from your primary care doctor, we can help. Take one of our sleep quizzes and if the test suggests a sleep disorder, take the printout to your referring doctor who will have enough information from the sheet to make a referral. If you have any questions at any time, of course, you can call our office.

I need to see a sleep specialist, so does that mean I automatically need a sleep study?

No, the initial visit with the sleep specialist is to help you understand and learn about sleep and to see if you may or may not have a sleep problem. If you may have one, and if it is the kind of problem that we need to learn more about, then you would need a sleep study and would help you schedule one with us.